Find out about our bootcamps by checking the information below. Whether you're coming along to become a Google Certified Educator, Trainer or Administrator, you're sure to have a jam-packed day full of training from our world-class team.

Certified Educator Level 1 Bootcamp
Certified Administrator Bootcamp
Educational Support Staff Bootcamp
Google for Education Certified Trainer Bootcamp

For educators, the new 'Certified Educator' courses are truly transformative in helping you incorporate Google tools in your teaching.  Rather than focusing on rote knowledge of apps the course and certification exam focuses on the practical application of the tools in the classroom. This day will focus on Educator Certification including a voucher. Many that attend this training quickly become Google Certified Educators and are qualified to become Trainers or Innovators.  Exams are taken independently after Bootcamp.

Following the Fundamentals Training, we will utilize Google Classroom for this professional development experience (learn what it is like to be a student for a day in Classroom!) as well as Hangout Chats, Document, Slide and Drawing Collaboration for Engaging Learners, The Many Faces of Forms, Collaborative Calendars, and more.   We will get your testing account setup and apply your voucher so you are ready to take the exam within days of the Bootcamp.  Note:  'Passing the test is not guaranteed.'

Graduate Credit is now offered through the College of St. Joseph for only $150 per credit!  Learn more!

The AppsEvents Certified admin program is a structured learning pathway that takes educators from absolute beginner level through to advanced administration. Based on our experience hosting over 100 ‘in person’ admin sessions at schools across the world we designed the certification to be completely education focused and responsive to the demands of what is actually required to administer a Google Apps domain and related cloud tools at a school day in day out.

Looking for even more information? Check out this document.

The AppsEvents Support Staff Bootcamp allows non-teachers to take their G Suite skills to the next level. Designed for beginner to intermediate users, the day is made up of five sessions (detailed below) and culminates in an activity which allows the creation of something staff will be able to use the next day.

Level Up in Gmail, Hangouts and Calendar
Email getting you down? Calendar invites coming out of your ears? Learn how to be more organised in Gmail by organising and filtering unwanted email so that you can focus on what really matters. Find out tips and tricks for creating and managing events in Calendar to make your days run super smoothly.

Soar with Forms
Google Forms is always a favourite amongst educational support staff. In this session we’ll discover why they are truly transformative, as well as diving into added functionality to supercharge your existing Forms.

Get Geeky with Sheets
Spreadsheets can appear scary and daunting, but after this session you’ll feel like a pro. Find out about formulas like IMPORTRANGE to help you spend more time getting things done and less time copying and pasting.

Google Chrome and Extensions
Make your life easier by separating your work and personal accounts, as well as use some nifty extensions to add helpful features.

Create Something Today for Tomorrow
Use the skills you’ve learned today to create something awesome which will help in your day to day work from tomorrow! The trainer will help the whole group with their individual projects so that you get the most out of the bootcamp.

Quiz the Trainer
Still looking for help with a problem you’ve been agonising over for a while? Quiz the trainer and have everybody benefit from your question.

For those wanting to take things to the next level and become a core member of the Google for Education community our ‘Certified Trainer’ course is the best possible preparation. Becoming a Google for Education Certified Trainer is an outstanding opportunity for those who have a history of leading and training others to use G Suite for Education.

Through the day, we’ll review all of the requirements for becoming a certified trainer to make sure you’re completely ready before applying. This bootcamp goes much further than just practical skills - you’ll learn about training methodologies and participate in meaningful group discussions.

You’ll complete the bootcamp with actionable SMART goals to help you work further towards becoming a Google for Education Certified Trainer.

Important Note: It is a prerequisite of the Google Certified Trainer application to hold Certified Educator Certificates Levels 1 and 2. However, if you are an experienced Google user, you are welcome to join this Certified Trainer Bootcamp.

Supporting and Influencing Organizational Change
Become an inspirational agent for change by working jointly with schools to develop their use of technology. Learn how best to support schools and develop materials that will help you time and time again.

Planning and Implementing Training
Receive tips on how to develop the best learning resources and training plans and design a plan based on a scenario given to you.

Training Strategies
Not sure how to deal with those who are disengaged or reluctant? Use hands-on activities to discover how best to overcome hurdles in training.

Training as a Business
Ever wondered how much should you charge? Not sure where to start when it comes to proposals and invoices? Develop resources to help you from day one.


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